Death Upon Me by B.K. Walker

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The twists and turns of Kacey’s life will touch your heart right to the last page. B.K Walker has successfully brought her characters to life with an intensity that is spell binding. A very worthwhile read. ~Margaret West

You'll find yourself engulfed in her every day life and hoping that Kacey will finally find that safe and loving home she deserves.
~The Book Cubby

A Riveting Portrayal. ~Ami Blackwelder
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Kacey Rogers is a very troubled teenager. Forced to live with her abusive and alcoholic uncle, she finds herself following closely in his footsteps. When her best friend Jenny throws her a birthday party, Kacey meets Bryan Mathews, a known ladies man. After succumbing to his advances, Kacey ends up pregnant at 15. As she struggles to find her place in life, and as a new mother, Kacey desperately longs to be loved. After Bryan decides he doesn't want to be with Kacey, she meets Steffan, and thinks her prayers have been finally answered. Steffan seems to give Kacey everything she has been dreaming of - love, romance, and a family life. When jealousy strikes and both men are brought head to head, Kacey becomes caught between two hearts. One man is destined to love her, the other is determined to never let her go.