Death Upon Me by B.K. Walker

5 Star Review from Night Owl Reviews

Author: B.K. Walker

Genre: Contemporary

Reviewed by: Angibabi4

What an awesome book. I couldn't stop reading “Death Upon Me”. The story line was fantastic. If the second one (A Kin to the Devil) is as good as the first one this will be a bonified hit series.

B.K. Walker, thanks for one of the best books I've read in a long time. Keep them coming. This one was so good I look forward to reading the next. "Death Upon Me" was a thoroughly enjoyable read.

Thank you Margaret West for the Review. ~BK

Review of Death Upon Me by Margaret West:

Death Upon Me tells the journey of Kacey. A young girl who suffers mental
and physical abuse from her Uncle and slides down a slippery slope of
alcohol and drugs. When she becomes pregnant, life takes her down a very
emotional road. A young girl, who is a mother and now she loves two men.
One is physically abusive to her, the other, her daughters father. The twists
and turns of Kacey’s life will touch your heart right to the last page. B.K
Walker has successfully brought her characters to life with an intensity that is
spell binding. A very worthwhile read.

I rate this book a Citrine. 4/5

Margaret West -

Reviewed at The Book Cubby - Thank You Zetta

Kacey Rogers is a troubled young girl who lives through abuse, drugs and alcohol.  Kacey's troubles only start with an abusive uncle.  They then lead to pregnancy, dropping out of school, and suicidal thoughts.   Kacey struggles to change the cycle of abuse that she has had to endure and dreams of living a life being loved.  You'll find yourself engulfed in her every day life and hoping that Kacey will finally find that safe and loving home she deserves. 

I found myself not wanting to put this story down, not being able to wait to see what happens next. 

 4 1/2 stars  ****1/2 ~Zetta Hupf, The Book Cubby

Review by Ami Blackwelder - Thanks Ami

Aug. 5, 2010 By ami blackwelder From author B.K Walker, Death Upon Me is told in the first person point of viewing, with a startling beginning, drawing me in right from the first word. The protagonist suffers terrible personal pains in relationships, abandonment, drug abuse, violence, teen pregnancy, and life seems to have dealt her a wretched hand.

This is a story many will be able to relate to, because of the depression and feelings of being alone as well as endless sufferings. Most people are not lucky in life and this explores the question of what happens to the self when too much becomes unbearable.

Though a dark beginning and many struggles persist, the main character finds her way in the end to the arms of love... More >and thank God. Hoping she would find some kind of solace, something that could be her own, she finally finds the right road and I'm glad to read she did not give up.

This novel will help many who suffer the same in my opinion, showing that though we all go through struggles, we can come out the other end alive and better. Written with poignant prose, this author is one to be reckoned with and I will look for her work in the future.

Reviewed by Ami Blackwelder
Author of The Hunted of 2060